The Church is not a building; the Church is not a steeple; The Church is not a resting-place; the Church is a people.

I am the Church; You are the  Church; We are the church together; All who follow Jesus, All around the world;

We are the Church together!” — Avery & Marsh

We are the church — so, just who are we?

We are the BODY OF CHRIST! Christ is the Head. We are His hands & feet & eyes & ears & mouth & heart.

All parts of the Body are important and are necessary for the health and well-being of the Body. It’s the Lord Christ, however, who guides and enables the Body to function as God designed it.

As head, Christ is the “brains.” He guides our hands and feet to do God’s work; He opens our eyes so that we can see the beauty in His world and in the people around us – so that we can see clearly to avoid the potholes & pitfalls of life.

Christ opens our ears so that we can hear the cry of the needy, the lonely, and the lost — and respond with Godly love. Christ opens our mouth so that we can sing His praise, so that we can witness to His truths, so that we can tell the world what an awesome God we worship and serve.

The Church is the BRIDE OF CHRIST! Christ is the Bridegroom and we are his Bride. Whenever we join the Church, we are in effect being married to Christ.

We make our vows to one another; we pledge our commitment to each other. We vow to love one another and to stay in love with each other for a lifetime.

We vow to honor and respect on another. We promise to be faithful to each other for all eternity.

Our Church Family, therefore, is to be a holy example to the world of what our human families should be.

The Church is a FELLOWSHIP OF SINNERS, redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. Every person on this earth is a sinner!

Christian sinners, however, recognize that they are sinners, they repent and confess their sins, they turn to God for mercy and forgiveness — and they receive God’s forgiveness! N

on-Christian sinners, on the other hand, see no need for forgiveness — and do not receive God’s forgiveness; they are forever lost and sentenced to Hell.

The Church is of God – and will last forever!

(Dr. Don Kuehle is a retired United Methodist pastor in Missouri.)


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