On Wednesday, April 19, 12 Seneca High School FFA students received House Resolutions presented by State Rep. Bill Lant (R-Pineville) for their achievements in FFA. The students include Anisha Mathre, Bria Bridges, Chance Wallace, Emma Hogan, Felicity Bruegel, John Colchado, Katelynn Mathre, Laura Montgomery, Mady Shaver, Makenzie Ritter, Marie Colchado, and Tegan Roller. While at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City, the FFA students, along with FFA advisor Angel Roller and junior high advisor Kelsey Russell, Richard Roller, regional sales manager for Seitz Fundraising, toured the Whispering Gallery and Top of the Dome, Senate Chamber, and they visited with Senator Ron Richard in his office. Their last tour of the day was a two-hour tour of the historic state penitentiary.

High school students enrolled in agriculture education courses have the unique opportunity to go beyond the classroom and learn real-world applications in a number of disciplines.

Whether it is in agricultural mechanics, livestock evaluation, or a dozen other areas of learning, the Missouri Agricultural Skills and Knowledge Assessment Industry Recognized Credential (MOASK IRC) program recognizes students performing at a proficient level as determined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

The Seneca agricultural education students that have completed the required education/training and demonstrated proficiency in one or several of 15 skill areas are:

• Jessica Barker – livestock evaluation

• Grayson Boyer – livestock evaluation

• Bria Bridges – dairy cattle evaluation

• John Colchado – dairy cattle evaluation

• Marie Colchado – dairy cattle evaluation

• Ashley Collinsworth – poultry evaluation

• Emma Hogan – nursery & landscape management

• Monty Mailes – livestock evaluation

• Anisha Mathre – nursery& landscape management

• Katelynn Mathre – nursery & landscape management

• Johnna McDonough – dairy foods evaluation

• McKinzie McDonough – poultry evaluation

• Abby Meyer – poultry evaluation

• Laura Montgomery – floriculture

• Olivia Moser – dairy foods evaluation

• Shelby O’Brien – floriculture

• Kendra Rhinehart – dairy foods evaluation

• Makenzie Ritter – poultry evaluation

• Tegan Roller – floriculture

• Tori Schick – floriculture

• Kale Schrader – livestock evaluation

• Jayd Skaggs – livestock evaluation

• Brayden Trigg – livestock evaluation

The technical skills assessments are conducted much like FFA judging events, but the results are used to determine a student’s proficiency and not for competitive award purposes. The program compliments the three circle model for delivering agricultural education in schools. The circles represent learning in the classroom, leadership development through the FFA and hands on training through each student’s Supervised Agricultural Experience.


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