I love popcorn! Sitting by the fire with the family sharing popcorn from a big bowl. Sitting alone, watching TV, munching on carmel corn.

Sharing a pan of buttered popcorn with good friends. No matter how you pop it, popcorn is sooooo good! Why, one could fashion a life-philosophy based on popcorn.

SOMEONE HAS TO GROW THE POPCORN. Last year I planted  8 rows of popcorn. I worked at weeding and cultivating it. In the fall, I picked the popcorn and shelled it. Now as I sit munching on the fruits of my labors, I feel a sense of satisfaction.

On the other hand, I’ve also enjoyed the labors of other people, many unseen and unknown to me. Much of what we enjoy in life is the result of work that others have done. Perhaps we should show more appreciation and give thanks for those, unknown and unseen, who have added joy to our lives!

GOD ALONE GIVES THE GROWTH AND PROVIDES THE HARVEST! God alone gives the spark-of-life that enables the popcorn to take root and grow. God alone provides the sunshine, the rain, the soil, and the wind that enables the ears of corn to mature.

Basically, we all depend on God for the “basic” elements that enable us to have the good life. God alone provides for each of us by ensuring the harvest. Sometimes there is a bountiful harvest; sometimes we harvest little.

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