5 years ago

• Mary Ann Anderson is tired of Seneca looking so “ghetto.” Anderson voiced her opinion about the look of Seneca at the Seneca City Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 24.

“I love this town but we are ghetto now,” said Anderson. “The houses look terrible, grass needs cut, and it just breaks my heart to see it go from a beautiful town to this.”

• New tests, school cafeteria food, and a newly-purchased building were the hot topics at the Seneca R-7 School District board of education’s regular monthly meeting on Thursday, Sept. 20.

• Several Seneca students have been very unhappy about the school menu changes that were made for the 2012-13 school year.

Five junior high council members put together a presentation for the school board and presented it at their regular meeting on Thursday, Sept. 20. The students did their research and handed out some stats and menus to the board members.

The handouts showed what the Seneca student are offered compared to what federal prisoners are eating, among other things. One paper showed the food offered at the Sidewell Friends School where the Obama children attend.

The comparisons are staggering.

10 years ago

• On Thursday, Sept. 20, a four-year-old Seneca student woke up all alone on his Early Childhood Development school bus. He had been left on the bus which was parked at the bus barn some distance west of the Highways 60 and 43 intersection in Seneca.

The boy’s mother, Robyn Gordon, related an account of the incident as told to her by her son.

According to his mother, after waking up and realizing that he was alone, the four-year-old went to the front of the bus and tried to open the doors. He was unsuccessful. Though scared, he did not panic.

He decided to honk the horn to attract attention. Unfortunately there was no one at the barn to hear the sound of the horn.

When that did not work, the youngster decided to go to the emergency door and see if he could get it to open. After a stuggle he managed to open the door and jumped down to the ground.

He decided he would walk to Big Daddy’s gas station and convenience store, but he told his mother that when he got to the concrete island where the car vacuums are located, he decided to rest awhile.

• A time-honored tradition of Native American culture was celebrated in West Seneca on Sept. 14-16. The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma gathered for its 16th annual powwow.

• Seneca City Council members selected the low bid and anticipate that well drilling will begin in a few weeks. All council members were present except Susan Bradshaw on Monday, Sept. 24. There were no visitors in attendance.

15 years ago

• Over 800 riders, from as far south as Texas all the way to Michigan, came together raising over $450,000 for multiple sclerosis during the MS 150 Bike Tour on Sept. 15-16.

• Elimination of four-wheelers from Seneca parades was one of the topics of discussion at the Monday night council meeting. All council members were present.

The council agreed with Seneca Police Chief Doyle Shields’ recommendation that four-wheelers that are not licensed, are not street legal and should not be operated on the streets in parades.

Shields told the council that the police department has received some complaints and concerns about safety. It was also stated that motorcycles should only be operated by a licensed driver and must comply will all city and state laws including wearing helmets.

20 years ago

• Seneca will celebrate its 12th annual Indian Country Jamboree Arts and Crafts Day on Saturday, Sept 26. Activities will begin at 8 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m.

Arts and crafts booths will be set up along Cherokee Avenue, Seneca’s main street. Booth space can be reserved until noon Friday. There is a $5 fee payable in advance to Seneca.

• Crowder College is offering two additional off-campus classes to the public this fall semester — oil painting and stained glass.

• The Seneca High School tenth class alum organization has established an Iva Wells Scholarship fund at the State Bank of Seneca. Wells, who died earlier this year, served as teacher and principal at Seneca High School for 35 years before her retirement in 1961.

30 years ago

• The City of Seneca will ask the Missouri State Highway Department for permission to annex a portion of Highway 60 into the city limits.

The city council unanimously agreed on Monday, Sept. 22, to give Seneca Mayor Janie Jumper authority to write a letter making the request to the highway department. All council members were present.

• The Stitch and Spice Club met Wednesday, Sept. 17, at the home of Bessie Hayes for an all-day meeting. The day was spent quilting on an “Amish Feather” quilt. Sandwiches, dessert and snacks were enjoyed at noon.

40 years ago

• A new traffic safety law relating to the regulation of motor vehicle traffic at railroad grade crossings became effective Wednesday, Sept. 28.

• The United Methodist Women will hold a bazaar Saturday, Nov. 5, starting at 9 a.m. in the church annex.

50 years ago

• Mr. and Mrs. Bob Parter and children were weekend quests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ball and daughter in Chickasha. Okla.

• Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carroll spent the weekend visiting their daughter at Stephens College in Columbia. Saturday they attended the Missouri University football game.

(compiled by MyraGale Sexton)


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