Twenty-five fourth through sixth grade students from Neosho School District competed in the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) Qualifying Math Contest held Feb. 11 at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin.

Twelve area schools from the southwest Missouri region were represented at the competition.

The math contest is sponsored by MCTM and consists of four advanced level tests developed by Math League. Both organizations aspire to promote mathematics education and high quality instruction, as well as to motivate students interest in math and to provide competitive opportunities.

All student participants took four challenging written tests. A Number Sense test encourages solving 80 math problems in 10 minutes using only mental calculation. The Sprint test consists of 30 multiple choice questions in a 40-minute allotment, while the Target round combines four tests with two questions each and six minutes per test. The final test is Team, which is completed by student groups of four or less with ten questions in 20 minutes.

The Neosho students spent months studying challenging math concepts after school in preparation for the competition. Sponsoring teachers at each grade level were: Tina Augustine (fourth grade), Rebecca Gray (fifth grade), and John Henderson (sixth grade).

Students achieving top scores during the qualifying math contest advanced to the MCTM Regional Mathematics Competition to be held April 1 at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar. Several Neosho fourth thru sixth grade students qualified for the regional contest, including: Meredith Baldwin, Aspen Cooley, Tyler Dubuque, Raine Harris, Riley Kemna, Tayler Morris, Matthew Redshaw, Alyssa Rogers, Nathan Rogers, Lillianna Vorhees, and Andrew Wilkie.

Any student whose total individual performance at the regional math contest is among the top 10 at the student’s grade level will move on to compete in all events at the state championship.

Any team whose overall performance is the highest in the team’s division within the southwest Missouri region or among the top five in the team’s division across all regions in the state will also be invited to compete in all events at the state championship.

The MCTM State Mathematics Competition will be held on Saturday, May 6, at Columbia College in Columbia.

Neosho fourth grade participants: Miranda Baldwin, Callie Davis, Eann Espinoza, Jack Fairman, Nathan Rogers, Cade Spiva, Logan Trepanier, and Dayton Wright.

Fifth grade participants: Harrison Boettler, Abby Coutu, Collier Hendricks, Riley Kemna, Khonor Qualls, Alyssa Rogers, Raya Rummer, and Brayden Selgeby.

Sixth grade participants: Meredith Baldwin, Aspen Cooley, Tyler Dubuque, Madilyn Ebbinghaus, Raine Harris, Tayler Morris, Matthew Redshaw, Lillianna Vorhees, and Andrew Wilkie.


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