All of my life I’ve wanted to understand how things work, how people think, and how to help myself and other people feel happy.

I’m not sure if others think about these things or not; I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it if they do.

Here is a list of the things I do hear people talking about:

• How they dislike their jobs and wish they had enough money and time to enjoy the things they want to be doing.

• How they are unhappy with their relationships and how they wish they were better.

• And finally, how they hate all the ugliness in the world, specifically hatred, dissension and drama.

Rhonda Sexton

It is a fact that for those things in life that we focus on, we attract more of into our life. Could it be true that by simply changing our wording we could attract more positives into our lives? What would happen if we change our above list to all of the things we love about our jobs, love of those who make up our relationships and replace hatred with love, and replace dissension and drama with understanding and cooperation?

The Bible teaches us that God spoke and the universe was created. Jesus spoke and demons ran. He commanded death and disease to leave by His words alone. When Jesus left He gave the gift of the Holy Spirit to His followers to continue His work.

We are given, through accepting His Spirit, power and authority over all of our own creation. We create our own realities with our thoughts and spoken words as well.

Jesus told His disciples that they (we) will be given the power to do even greater things than He did on the earth. Wow, this one has always held fascination for me. Look at the miracles of modern medicine — science, technology and space exploration over the last 20 years. Who can dispute that greater things are being done?

But are we happier? I can confidently say no. People are not happier. Our lives are more full of abundance and time saving inventions but we are more stressed and busier than ever.

We have been lured into a trap of trading our precious time for money and don’t trust ourselves to take leaps of faith to follow our dreams.

God wants you and I to be living out a life that is full of joy and love, but how can we do this if we don’t slow down enough to listen to His voice? If we focus all of our time and energy on blaming others for our lack of commitment to follow through to live those dreams?

Changing the way we speak changes the way we create our own life. It isn’t easy at first but what if you gave it one week and it actually worked? If you began to feel happier and have better reactions from your employer, spouse, children and started to see the world in a more positive light? Would you keep practicing? Would you tell those closest to you what a difference it has made to you and encourage them to give it a try?

Imagine a world where everyone was conscious of their words and the power they hold. If everyone was mindful of how they spoke, careful to reflect on love, peace and joy.

I wonder how much more we could get accomplished in our world then.

“I assure you and most solemnly say to you, anyone who believes in Me [as Savior] will also do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these [in extent and outreach], because I am going to the Father.” – John 14:12 AMP

(Rhonda is a staff writer for The News-Dispatch. She can be reached at or 451-3798.)


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