People who write love words and phrases like the people who paint love colors and brushes. Both sets of “artists” are trying to show the world and its created glories to you.

But there are other artists in our midst and some of them love plants, trees and flowers. I have recently met such a person.

This past week I was in Brookings, South Dakota, which is the home of the Jack Rabbits at South Dakota State University, but it is also the home of McCrory Gardens on that campus.

As it so happens, by marriage and friendship, I have become related to the landscape professor who is largely responsible for the design of this masterpiece.

You know, when you learn to love beautiful things, you learn to see more beauty than you saw before. And if you are so driven, you try and share it. Let me explain Martin Macca’s example.

As Macca drove me into the visitor center of McCrory Gardens, he explained the purpose of the “serpentine drive.” He said that South Dakota is at the western edge of America’s forests and at the eastern edge of the prairies.

Therefore, driving into the formal garden entrance, one curves around a vast variety of trees in their arboretum. When one curves away from the “forest,” the planted prairie grasses and flowers open up in a vast area that looks like the prairie at its best.

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