In life we begin as a fully trusting and dependent being. Wouldn’t it be nice if all little ones were treated with unconditional love and support?

What would the world look like if every child was loved and developed a healthy self-image as a child? What if there were no hurts that made the next generation want to hurt others?

Rhonda Sexton

It is hard to imagine, isn’t it?

For many of us it is also hard to imagine that little ones are born into families who don’t value the miracle that has been sent to them. That some people have no natural instinct to love or nurture their own children.

Sadly, this is the reality many children face in America every day.

Born into an atmosphere of chaos and confusion. Not understanding why they are being pushed and pulled by anger and fear. It isn’t any wonder that we are seeing more young children and teens committing suicide and crimes. They are not being raised to value the lives of themselves or others.

The reality in which these young people live is hell on earth. I wish that I was giving you this information as if it were from a large city far, far away but my friends, I see this each week as I work with young people in our very own community.

The massive responsibility that is given to parents to shape the souls of a new generation should be a parent’s all-consuming primary objective. Sadly, we as parents are distracted by troubles of our own. We are stressed out and our attitudes are negative. We spend too much energy worrying about paying the bills and do not have the energy to talk to our teens about what’s going on in their life.

We are consumed with the day-to-day drama, social media, arguing co-workers and our own fears of this insane cycle of life… that we are missing the opportunity to work on our own mental and emotional healing.

Without being free ourselves, how are we able to help free our children? My how Satan has gotten our attention pulled away from where God wants it.

The youth of our communities are looking for adults with faith and confidence to help them find their way in this life. If we are still struggling with behaviors and mental issues we should have outgrown in elementary school, they know it.

I’m not saying we will always have all the answers they are seeking, but we must be approachable. We must be willing to do work on ourselves to straighten out our weaknesses and then be confident, strong role models that are willing to take the time to help teach them.

Volunteer to work in your church youth groups or children’s classes on Wednesday or Sunday, and see what a difference you could make. If you don’t already have a van ministry at your church, start one.

There are tons of kids who need to experience your wisdom and love. They would be thrilled to be invited and their parents probably would be thrilled to send them.

Maybe after a while they will want to come along, too!

(Rhonda Sexton is a staff writer for The News-Dispatch. She can be reached at or 451-3798.)


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