As we approach the new year, what is your focus? What is the one area of your life that if you had the solution to… would totally change your life?

Many of us are looking outward to physical appearance when thinking of our New Year’s resolutions. Of course, a healthier lifestyle and weight loss are on my list as well, but I wonder how many people are looking deeper in their souls for resolutions.

Rhonda Sexton

I know what I need to do for a healthier lifestyle — eat better, drink more water and exercise. Simple, it’s just a matter of will I have the discipline and motivation to stick to it.

When it comes to searching for deeper resolutions, I have to determine what area in my life or behavior I want to change. Many times when we start working on personal change and growth, we notice our relationships improving as a bonus.

Personal growth usually begins with our belief system. How we think about certain areas of life and how we prioritize them determines whether or not we will see a change.

When I look at my circumstances, I search out the areas that gives me the most pain or worry and work on them first. After all, this life is supposed to be free from worry and strife, right? So let’s get rid of it first!

Some examples of growth areas are:

• Bible study plan, devise a time and place to read daily.

• Growing in understanding of how God sees us and gaining confidence in what that means to us individually.

• Making efforts in relationships that need some repair.

• Prayer and attention to individuals you would like to be closer with.

• Forgiveness in areas that still hurt from the past or people who you need to forgive.

Any specific areas of your attitude — such as, quick to temper, jealousy, unrealistic expectations of others — are also good to list if you really want to see a change in yourself.

Make your list, pray over it and seek out scriptures regarding your list. Find out what God’s plan is for those areas and ask Him to guide you to change!

I guarantee this will elevate you to new heights in your life if you stick to it!

Just like the physical changes, spiritual changes react to effort. But the great thing about spiritual change is that once resolved, it is done.

Once you move past an issue, you can move on to the next one. Unlike exercise, which you have to keep up with always.

I guess that’s one thing we can always look forward to adding each year to our resolution list.

I pray you have a great 2018, and that you have hope for all things God has in store for your future.

(Rhonda Sexton is an author and inspirational speaker. She lives in Neosho with her husband and children. She can be reached at or 417-389-1222.)


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