When we discuss goal setting and motivation, we do so with the idea that we are moving forward to a goal or desire. What do I want?

This question hasn’t always been an easy one for me to ask. I was raised to be happy for what I had and not to ask for more. I was raised to eat what was cooked or go hungry. I was raised to be seen and not heard.

This is simply how it was and I never even questioned it. It wasn’t always a picnic but it wasn’t abuse or neglect, either. It was a matter of standard.

Rhonda Sexton

Today’s standards are very different and we are absolutely seeing the difference in society each day. We ask often what do I want? It’s pushed down our throats in every television, magazine, and billboard ad we see.

But do you know what you really want? Down deep, into the core of your existence?

I had never really thought to ask myself what do I really want? Once I did I started to think, just in case we only get one shot, I wanted to ask for something really good.

What if it is one of those trick questions and unless you ask for something worthy you won’t get it. So, I looked beyond material possessions, beyond luxury and earthly treasures, and into what my creator wants for me.

Do I really trust enough to want what God wants for my life? Do I believe He can do it and do I think I deserve what he has in store for me?

These were tough for me, maybe because I was so self-determined. I did what I was told, worked hard no matter what, loved my neighbor as myself, tried to be kind and honest and never gave up. These got me a long way, and I am so grateful.

But there is a step further, and we have to be willing to ask for it. You have to know what you want. I know what I asked for and God has delivered beyond my expectations, and still there is much more awaiting me and you.

Many more opportunities to help others and to be a positive change in this world.

I hope you are willing to ask for something worthwhile, something amazing and that you receive beyond your expectations.

(Rhonda Sexton is a staff writer for The News-Dispatch. She can be reached at rhonda@sextonmediagroup.com or 451-3798.)


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