So after finishing my first year of college (and yes I did survive), I decided to not return to the dance team at MSSU but instead transfer to Crowder to get my teaching degree.

So with a new school, and no dance team, I have decided that I want to teach dance (hence the teaching degree). And what better place to teach dance than on the historical square in Neosho!?

On the second floor of The Sexton Building is the perfect room for teaching little girls the basic beginning steps to dancing.

I am currently just teaching private lessons and I plan on only teaching private lessons until I get enough kids to have classes. I have kids signed up from all around the area and I am wanting lots more!IMG_2126-bw

The coolest thing about private lessons to me, is the one-on-one training that both the instructor and the dancer get. Being part of a private lesson allows the dancer to get the instructor’s full attention and the instructor learns more about that particular dancer when she gets one-on-one training.

With one-on-one, the dancer is given full attention and the instructor is able to focus on everything that dancer does and how she does it, so the instructor can help build the dancer’s strength in dancing.

I think teaching dance is an art I really enjoy. I always thought that dancing and performing is all I want to do, and I still would love to do that, but teaching it is a whole different ball game.

The dancers aren’t the only ones learning, I am too. I learn more about each dancer every time I work with them.

And not only is the teaching fun in itself but you get to see these girls take what they have learned from you and apply it to all different aspects in their life.

I know I took dance for 16 years and the dance training that I learned opened up so many opportunities for me. I was able to join the Sugar and Spice and Choraleers choirs in high school, be in school musicals, the NHS dance team, and even collegiate dance team.

If you think that your child would enjoy or benefit from private, one-on-one dance lessons you can give me a call at (417) 592-8236.

Dance instruction can open so many doors for your children and it gives them something to be passionate about.

There is always a reason to dance. If there’s a song for every emotion, why can’t there be a dance?

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

– Martha Graham

(Mattie Sexton is a staff writer for The News-Dispatch.)


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