We are not powerless in this life. However, the world seems to convince us that we are powerless over our own emotions and our lives as a whole.

We are waiting on God to do something, make a change, send a sign or change us so that we can take authority over this sinful world.

We are waiting on something that is already here, we are waiting on a generation to rise up and make a change. Folks, we are pushing off our own responsibility. We are given charge of our own lives, in our time. Today.

Rhonda Sexton

It has always been my biggest fear that I will get to the end of my life and realize I missed it, missed the point of why I was even here in the first place.

This is why I am always seeking, seeking God’s word, purpose and plan. Trying to find areas that I can be of service and make a difference. I accept His calling on my life because I know my identity.

When we don’t know our identity we have no idea of our authority. Do we know who we are? The world has taught us we are helpless in most situations. We are stuck in our circumstances and we have little control over our own lives.

Who are we that we dare to rise up? Who are we that we think we can find God’s purpose for our lives and make a dent in Satan’s plan? Who are we that we may be called and able to make positive changes in this world?

We hear often the words that we are called as children of God, joint heirs with Jesus Christ. But still we don’t seem to understand the true identity of what those words mean.

God has put no restraints on us, on our authority to speak or act in superiority against the demons we face. We have placed those restrictions on ourselves.

We have been programmed by the small-minded beliefs of our ancestors, by the government, and even by the church to believe we are weak and helpless, and we better not even try to stand on our own two feet.

But scripture is clear on what your identity, and what your authority, is.

You are the church in Revelations 1:4. You have been granted grace and peace by He that is and was and always will be. We are the kings of this earth who belong to Him, who loves us and frees us and formed us to be in His kingdom.

For all who are lead by the Spirit of God are sons of God (Romans 8:14). We know that God is deeply concerned about us and causes all things to work together as a plan for good for those who love Him (28).

He knew us and loved us beforehand and has predestined us to conform to the image of His son and ultimately share in His complete sanctification.Jesus is the firstborn among many believers (30).

If God is for us, then who can successfully be against us? (32)

This has got to resonate within us, it’s got to go past religion and enter us on a cellular level. It has to be the leading factor in our jobs, parenting, and everything in our lives if it is to change us.

When we can come into the realization of our true identity, truly and completely believing in the power that God has bestowed on us, then life will begin to change.

Then we will be able to create the life that God wants for us, and make the kinds of lasting changes that are needed in this world of ours.

I would invite you to seek out His will, His purpose for your life, and take back the power that is rightfully yours.

Start today.

(Rhonda is a staff writer for The News-Dispatch. She can be reached at rhonda@sextonmediagroup.com or 451-3798.)


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