School board and city council elections are just around the corner on April 3, and there are several candidates running this year.

For Seneca Board of Education, incumbents Matt Stewart and Rob Nesvold are running for re-election.

In Neosho there are three board of education candidates, including two incumbents. Steve Douglas and Dan Haskins are seeking re-election while Steffen Wiest is a new candidate.

In East Newton there are two open positions on the school board with six candidates seeking election to the school board. Robin Farmer and Mandy Culp are the incumbents running for re-election, while the other candidates are Mark Knight, Hal Brown, Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt, and David Caroll Price.

For Seneca City Council, all candidates are incumbents. Mark Bennett, mayor, is running for re-election, as well as Derinda Malone, councilperson ward I; Nick Whitehead, councilman ward II; and Susan Bradshaw, councilperson ward III.

Neosho has two candidates running for city council seats. Tom Workman, an interim councilman who replaced Tim Lewis, is running as well as Carmen Allen, a former councilman.

In Granby, Joyce Mann is running for the north ward council seat while Danny Bush, Martin Lindstedt, and Ashley Edgemon are all running for the south ward seat.


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