The Boehning Building dispute in Seneca is still very much unresolved when it comes to taxpayer money being refunded.

“This whole thing has been just going on and on, and we are still in the process of getting them in court,” said James Altic, Seneca police chief.

The Boehnings got their court date postponed for another 90 days and according to Altic, they may have gotten another extension on top of that.

“We just want our $80,000 back or at least trade it for some property and try to get as much taxpayer money back as we can,” said Altic.

The Boehnings were also negligent in paying property tax on the their building that was torn down several months ago, according to Altic, and the property where the Boehning Building once stood was put up for a sheriff’s auction and the City of Seneca put a bid in for $5,000 on that property.

“I’m not sure if we got the bid or not, but they still have a year to pay taxes on that property or the property goes to the winner of the bid,” said Altic.

The Boehning Building issue is still far from being resolved, but the City of Seneca has not backed down and is determined to get to the end of the dispute and put it to rest once and for all.

By Mattie Link


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