Seneca School District school resource officer Jeremy Clogston told Board of Education members recently that he made a total of 42 contacts in the month of September.

“I contacted 15 students, 19 school staff, three parents, two law enforcement, and three juvenile officers,” said Clogston.

Clogston also took a report for the juvenile office involving the distribution of prescription medicine on school property on Sept. 1.

“On Sept. 13 I took an information report of a fight that occurred on school property,” said Clogston.

In September, Clogston started having twice a week principal meetings with all the principals that are available.

“On Sept. 12 I assisted with grandparents’ days at the elementary school and on Sept. 23 I assisted with homecoming activities throughout the district,” said Clogston.

On Sept. 27-29 Clogston participated in the Missouri Safe Schools and Colleges Conference in Osage Beach and went to many different educational development sessions while he was there.

The maintenance report given to the school board is separated by school:



• Repaired onboard charger for scrubber.

• Repaired drain in the U between one and two halls.

• Changed out control board on rooftop unit HVAC room 15.

• Replaced lower part of gutter on east side of building.

• Replaced trim around water fountain in hall by gym.

• Replaced on/off switch for vent over dishwasher kitchen.

• Day to day maintenance calls.


• Repaired and cleaned coils on rooftop unit for office area.

• Replaced defrost control board in the reach-through cooler kitchen.

• Replaced the wiring for restroom sinks in FEMA restrooms.

• Repaired charger for scrubber.

• Repaired phone line in kitchen.

• Removed a TV out of Dee’s classroom and hung it in the hallway by entry.

• Hung new backboard up in FEMA gym.

• Built a swing divider on wall in behavior room.

• Ran power for TV in hallway by entry.

• Replaced hose and sprayer wash area kitchen.

• Day to day maintenance calls.

Junior high:

• Changed out ballast in room 25.

• Repaired wiring in light upstairs hall.

• Replaced pole at southwest corner .

• Replaced board on mini split computer lab upstairs.

• Replaced belt on rooftop unit gym HVAC.

• Replaced seal in disposal in kitchen.

• Day to day maintenance calls.

High school:

• Repaired switch for north goal in new gym.

• Hung white board in classroom 6.

• Repaired petitions in restroom by band room.

• Repaired scrubber (tornado brand).

• Replaced switch on planner in wood shop.

• Repaired close for kitchen door.

• Repaired wooden top of pony wall commons area.

• Repaired outside stand for band.

• Repaired risers in music room.

• Day to day maintenance calls.

Central Office/Early childhood/SLC:

• Repaired Freon leak in maintenance office unit and recharged with 410 Freon.

• SLC – changed out condensate pump.

• SLC – repaired boys restroom faucet.

• SLC – hung white board in classroom area.

• Day to day maintenance calls.


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