Every month, Seneca school principals as well as the resource officer and maintenance director send monthly reports of how the month went.

In their June reports the schools are summing up what happened during summer school.

The elementary and intermediate schools combined forces for summer school and over the summer they had a few third grade of teachers go to St. Charles to attend a PLC conference.

“It was a very powerful conference,” said Shanna Hight, principal of the elementary school.

Students who just finished third grade that were reading more than a grade level behind had a special summer school schedule.

“They received two hours of reading instruction each day, an hour from their classroom teacher and an hour from their reading teacher,” said Hight.

The pre-K through fifth grade children had speakers come each Wednesday ranging from the Missouri Department of Conservation to history trunks from the Southwest Center.

“On Fridays the students in kindergarten through fifth grade went on a field trip rotating between Wildcat Glades, George Washington Carver and the Seneca pool,” said Nathan Manley, intermediate school principal.

At the junior high the summer school courses were Summer School English, Summer School Math, Physical Education/Health, Summer Engineering, Explore Seneca, and Picture This.

“About 116 students were present on the first day of summer school and 104 was the steady average later into it,” said John Wyrick, principal of the junior high.

Willie Ng, high school principal, attended Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) yearly recertification or teacher evaluation at Carl Junction High School.

“Judd Eidson, Diane Phipps, Sandra Whitehead, and Eric Decker attended the PLC institute in St. Charles,” said Ng.

Adron Durman, Courtney Clark, and McKenna Callaway were named All-American at cheer camp, Ng reported.

The June maintenance report consisted of several repairs.

At the intermediate school all the classrooms had to be top scrubbed, waxed and buffed as well as all the halls. Currently walls are being painted or touched up.

Junior high repairs:

• The boys’ restroom was gutted, deplumed, installed new electric, walls were framed, waiting on some bids to complete the restroom. Girls’ side restroom gutted, most of the plumbing has been done, framing is done and waiting on bids to complete the project.

• Ran all new exterior pipe for water and installed circulating pump on hot water side.

• East hall downstairs floors and classrooms have been top scrubbed, waxed and buffed.

• Removed old plaster out of the restrooms, all carpets in the east wing have been shampooed.

• Scheduled to change out 8HVAC units on June 23.

High school repairs:

• Built cabinets in shop area with doors and locks.

• All outbuildings have been top scrubbed, waxed, and buffed.

• Vo-ag classroom has been top scrubbed, waxed, and buffed.

• Had to exchange dishwasher motor in kitchen.

Jeremy Clogston, student resource officer, also gave a general overview of the resource office’s activities from August 2014 to June 25, 2015.

He reported there were 20 police reports, 336 total contacts, 122 actual noteworthy contacts with various students from the different schools, 138 contacts with different members of the staff about law enforcement related situations, 45 contacts with parents regarding law enforcement situation, 33 contacts with law enforcement, Department of Family Services, and the juvenile office.

“This year I have taken reports on many various subjects such as Internet predation, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of a dangerous weapon, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, stealing, vandalism, possession of tobacco, careless and reckless driving, as well as assaults, and even one domestic assault between two students,” said Clogston.

Clogston has also assisted administration with instituting and using the new LOKDOWN program.

“I have performed a multitude of home visits with Leticia Sabato, school-based social worker, and assisted the school staff with the annual intruder training,” said Clogston.

He has taken part in various personal development classes such as the Advanced School Resource Officer, Internet Predator Investigating, and Child Exploitation.

“I have done many security sweeps of the schools throughout the year, as well as assisted the administration of all the schools with evaluating the emergency plans upon request,” said Clogston.


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