The Seneca School District is working to increase its parent communication program by using School Messenger.

“School Messenger handles all of our communications right now and we are going to upgrade our services with them,” said Dr. Jim Cummins, Seneca superintendent of schools.

The school district will be working with School Messenger in creating an app that is user-friendly for students and parents, as well as getting a new website template to mirror the app.

“We really want to step it up a notch and with so many students reading everything from their phones, this will be a great way to stay connected,” said Cummins.

The increase in annual cost should not exceed $2,500 and the set-up cost should not exceed $2,000, according to Cummins.

“The money that we have allotted for this should allow us to get all the services we want to add,” said Cummins.

Cummins has not met with School Messenger officials yet, but plans to hash out all the details with them soon to make sure they will able to manage the app and the new website with ease.

In other school district business discussed at the April 17 Seneca Board of Education meeting, a high school senior at Seneca Learning Center sent a letter to Cummins requesting that he be released from attending school so that he can prepare for his further education.

“Zachariah Daniels completed all his graduation requirements and was asking to be released so he could get a job and save money for a car to get to college,” said Cummins.

The board voted to allow his release from high school early.

“We usually have a handful that graduate in December and we get a few that ask to be released early from the learning center because they are done, and we don’t make them stay because there wouldn’t be anything for them to do,” said Cummins.

The board also approved new board members elected in April and dismissed the current board of education.

“Sonya Higginbotham Bruegel was elected to the board, and Ron Wallace and William R. Cook were re-elected,” said Cummins.

Paula Morehead did not seek re-election to the school board and was replaced by Bruegel.

The board also elected the following officers: Suzanne Brown, president; Rob Nesvold, vice-president; and Sandy Prince, secretary/treasurer.

Will Cook was nominated as the MSBA delegate and Ron Wallace will be the MSBA delegate alternate as well as the board member to the Seneca R-7 Foundation Board.

Other items covered in the school board meeting include:

• The board approved Legacy Studios to be the official photographer for high school pictures, events, and athletics, and they went with Wagner Photography for pictures for the early childhood through junior high.

“We’re excited about who we chose. Both companies are new to our district and I think they will do a good job for us,” said Cummins.

• The board tabled a decision about a copier lease agreement.

“When I set the bid due date I didn’t realize we would be having our meeting on a Monday because of the election. I didn’t give myself time to go over all the bids, so we decided to table that one,” said Cummins.

The district has 14 copiers and they are set up on a five-year lease agreement.

“Our copiers are at the end of their life, so we definitely need some new ones,” said Cummins.

By Mattie Link


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