• Date & place of birth: July 2, 1993, in St. Louis.

• Currently residing in: Springfield.

• Occupation: Fourth grade teacher in Neosho.

• Favorite movie: “Batman.”

• Last book read: “Wonder.”

• Favorite vacation I’ve taken: A cruise through Europe.

• Inspirational leaders: Martin Luther King, Jr.

• If the world was ending in 2020, things I’d do differently: Make sure everyone knows that they matter and they are loved.

• If I could have one meal for the rest of my life, it would be: Steak.

• Biggest fear: Spiders.

• My trademark cliche: “I don’t know.”

• Something people would be surprised to learn about me: I love to travel.

• If I could learn to do anything, it would be: Play the guitar.

• Car in garage: Jeep Patriot.

• My best asset is: I’m outgoing and love people.

• If I could be any age forever, I would be: Eighteen, because I had barely any responsibilities/problems and I could spend every day with friends.

• I would like to be remembered as: Happy and positive.

• If I had a different job, I would be: A vet.

• Chore I dislike the most is: Dishes.


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