This election season, City of Neosho officials are reminding candidates for local office of the following policies regarding political campaign signs and public property:

• Signs may only be placed on private property.
• Please do not place signs in city right of ways or on public property.
• Please do not place signs on traffic signs or utility poles.
• Please do not place signs within 25 feet of a voting location.
• Please follow all state and county regulations.

Campaign signs found in violation of these policies may be removed by the city code enforcement department and can be picked up by the owner at Neosho City Hall, 203 E. Main.

If you have any questions, or for more information, please feel free to contact John Harrington, City Inspections/Code Enforcement, at 417-451-8050.
Also, there have been a number of recent reports of campaign sign thefts. It is a criminal violation to steal political signs and may result in a fine.

If anyone has any information regarding recent sign thefts, please call the Neosho Police Department at 451-8012.


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