Officials with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) are planning on being in Seneca Thursday, Oct. 22, at the high school for a public meeting about the Highways 60/43 intersection improvements.

The meeting is set for 4-6 p.m. and is a come-and-go style meeting with no formal presentation planned. According to MoDOT, several Seneca residents have expressed concern about driving on Route 43 and crossing Route 60.

“They (MoDOT) are planning the most cost effective way to make that road safe, and since the four-way stop was put in, we haven’t had any wrecks on that road,” said James Altic, Seneca police chief.

In July, MoDOT installed a four-way flashing red signal and stop signs, meaning all traffic in every direction must stop before proceeding through the intersection.

The signal replaced a flashing yellow light for Route 60 and flashing red for Route 43. The speed limit through the area also was reduced to 55 mph.

Since that time, MoDOT has been monitoring traffic and will discuss its finding and options for improving the intersection.

The last time the News-Dispatch spoke to MoDOT, they were looking into installing a roundabout at the intersection so it doesn’t halt traffic completely.

According to Altic, that is still their plan.

“Yes, they are still looking at a roundabout, and I’m indifferent as to what they install. Any kind of control on the intersection to help is great,” said Altic.

MoDOT will be answering questions and concerns the community may have at the meeting on Oct. 22.

By Mattie Sexton


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