“What’s in a name?” William Shakespeare asked in 1595. He was referring to roses. He said a rose by any name would smell as sweet.

Writers with names are fictional people.

With nom de plume and nom de guerre,

A columnist without a publisher packs her tools to “Nowhere.”

But with well written sentences like a well paved street,

She entices her reader to choose a font for feet.

“Pack a dictionary and come along.

Bring your sense of humor and a song.

The well travelled life should not be forgotten

Whether good or bad, whether fresh or rotten.

There’s a lesson in everything: every word, every deed;

Needing intense investigation but at contemplative speed.”

“The point is to ponder, to observe, to consider.

Will the word combination bear fruit or wither?

Will the idea bring forth laughter or tears?

Forgotten tomorrow or Remembered for years?”

Who is this author you are about to meet?

She is sort of a pedant who lives down your street.

She’s a “she” of a person with willful curiosity,

Loves equally wisdom and nonsense and pomposity.

There will be pedantry and pomposity, wisdom and nonsense in fairly equal doses. Put on your fun face, relax in your chair, read this column weekly.

Judy Haas Smith will be with you there.

Be of good cheer. I am most sincere!

Next week will be in prose, I suppose.

By Judy Haas Smith

(Judy Haas Smith lives in Neosho.)


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