Mike Coffey, with the University of Missouri Extension Service, was the guest speaker at the March 13 meeting of the Flowerbox City Newcomer’s Club.

The express purpose of the Extension is to take University knowledge and research to the local community. Originally it was in the form to help farm families learn better ways to farm, raise and care for livestock, feed their family and train their children. 4-H, since the early 1900’s, continues to be a vital part of the Extension mission.

Since the 1970’s, the Extension has expanded services to the community. Some of these include human environmental service, business development, community development, and continuing education.

Master Gardeners is a 40-hour training program to help individuals enhance edible and decorative gardens. Other services provided are soil testing, examining hay and forage samples, cooking and gardening classes, training services for vendors, identification of weeds and training for those needing a pesticide applicator license.

The University of Missouri Extension office is located at 18728 Highway 59 in Neosho. To contact Mike Coffey, call his office at (417) 455-9500, his cell at (417) 658-8253, or email coffeymd@missouri.edu.


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