The March meeting of the Merry Makers FCE Extension Club was held Tuesday, March 28. This was a combined business meeting and a work day. Therefore our meeting started at 9:30.

Each member brought a dish to pass for lunch. There were 10 members present and 2 guests. The members were: Nola McMillen, Ruth Hunke, Lee House, Erline Hoeppner, Eloise Kitchen, Leanor Landreth, Jo McLemore, Carol Renner, Nancy Stipp, and Sharon Breedlove. The 2 guests were: Betty Himmerich and Ginger Poe.

In old business: We discussed the bringing in of coats, scarves, gloves and mittens for the Methodist Church in Granby for their coat give aways. Some members had brought some to take to them now. We decided now to wait until September to bring in more.

There were items brought in for our vets Christmas project. We will continue gathering items for this new project. For our recycling project, many had brought in empty pill bottles for Jo to take to the veterinarian.

In new business: Our next meeting will be Monday, April 10. It will be a combined meeting. We will have our meeting at the Angus Steakhouse in Monett. The Southwest District Advisory meeting will be held in the morning and our business meeting in the afternoon.

The district meeting will start at 10. Carol is making cinnamon rolls for our morning refreshments. The program will be on Life Choices. Nola and Ruth will present the program.

The Spring District Meeting will be held April 24. It will be held at the Extension Center in Marshfield. Our club is in charge of the silent auction. The meal will cost each one $10. The program will be a talk about water. Laney Wolfe, a fourth grade student at Triway, who won the district level essay on “Caring,” is planning on attending this meeting and receiving her award. This meeting starts at 10.

We also discussed the upcoming Newton County Fair, which will be held July 5-8. A list was made of the items each member was to take. We need 15 items for our display table.

Carol and Ellie presented our program which was healthy cooking for 1 and 2. As was mentioned if we eat right, we stay pretty healthy. A person should stay active and be motivated. One also should drink plenty of water.

After the program, we shared a delicious meal. Such a wonderful variety of dishes there was.

Then we worked on crafts and items for our projects. Some stuffed pillows that had been made from the recycled fabric that has been donated to us. Some made place mats, etc.

There had been much accomplished at this meeting. Our next meeting is April 10. If anyone needs one of our cookbooks, we still have a few left. Call Sharon at (417) 592-4845. They sell for $10. They make lovely gifts. So many have liked the local pictures that are featured in it. The cover picture is Jolly Mill.

By Sharon Breedlove


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