Weight, speed restricted over Lost Creek due to bridge deterioration

A recent inspection of the Route CC bridge over Lost Creek south of Racine revealed deteriorating conditions prompting an immediate need to restrict speed and weight limits on the bridge, the Missouri Department of Transportation said Monday morning, Nov. 27.

The new restrictions include a 15 mph speed limit for trucks heavier than 15 tons. Single unit tandem rear axle trucks will be limited to 20 tons. All other trucks will be limited to 35 tons.

The legal maximum weight limit for vehicles in Missouri is 80,000 pounds. The bridge also will be restriped for one-lane traffic over the bridge.

The bridge was built in 1935 and carries approximately 940 vehicles a day.

For the past several years, this bridge has been inspected every 24 months. As a result of these most recent findings, it will now be inspected every 12 months.

MoDOT is considering options for replacing the bridge.


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