On the night of the last game to be played in the 2017 March Madness of Basketball, the Neosho Education Foundation held an Hors D’oeuvres and Honors at the high school cafeteria.

Dallas Kelly was tagged as the Educator of the Year 2017. John Mills was designated as the Distinguished NHS Alum. Don Ward was posthumously recognized for his educator achievements with the NHS agriculture and FFA program.

     Judy Haas Smith

After the special guest speaker finished an interesting talk on engaging and educating children born into our world of technology, Dallas Kelly asked for the microphone again.

It was almost tip-off time for the Gonzaga-North Carolina game and many people were anxious to get home to their TV. But Mr. Dallas Kelly had one more thing to say.

What he said is memorable. He publicly acknowledged and thanked his wife, Carolyn, for giving up her education in order to work and pay for the education that brought him to be the honorable person he is.

I think that is fantastic. I know of other Neosho women who demonstrated confidence in their husbands by working to financially support and equip their future breadwinners.

And by golly, I think those women should be recognized.

These same women often followed their employment with labor in child birthing. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Labor Day are for these ladies.

It is my hope that all husbands, fathers and children give an extra thought and thank you to the women in their lives who have given them the lives that they have.

You might even say it with flowers.

Thanks for your courage, Mr. Kelly.

By Judy Haas Smith

(Judy Haas Smith lives in Neosho.)


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