The new Neosho High School FEMA shelter addition will be completed in mid-July.

The foyer just inside the new west (main entrance) doors at Neosho High School. The wood decor ties in with the gymnasium design.

“The inside is 99 percent complete… just doing some finishing touches,” said Dan Decker, Neosho superintendent of schools.

The district is hoping to get it FEMA certified before school starts in the fall.

The new addition at NHS includes classrooms for Spanish, history and math courses.

“We are having the teachers move all of their things into their new rooms now and getting everything settled,” said Decker.

The trailers on the south side of the high school have been removed as well as some in the back of the high school.

“We will have two trailers left at the high school,” said Decker.

The “511” on the front of the new addition to the high school signifies the high school’s physical address.

“It was a regulation that we had to have the address on the front of the building, so we just made it very very big,” said Decker.

New doors mean more convenient access to the school.
New doors mean more convenient access to the school.

The FEMA part of the building is set to hold 2,000 people in the hallways and will be open to the community in case of any watches or warnings.

“We are very proud of our building and it was a much needed addition,” said Decker.

The wood interior in the entrance of the building is suppose to tie together with the high school gym. Because of the new addition, the counselors were able to extend their offices and spread out as well.

“Our open house will take place soon and we hope to see everyone out here,” said Decker.


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