Seneca School District and Freeman Clinic of Seneca have joined forces for healthcare services for students and staff in the school district.

“We have teamed up our nurses with the Freeman Clinic of Seneca to help our nurses get students and teachers the treatment they need immediately,” said Dr. Jim Cummins, superintendent of schools in Seneca.

Freeman will be providing Seneca nurses with software and hardware to allow the nurses to contact the clinic through appropriate Internet audio/video connections.

“We will probably be getting iPads, and it will allow the school’s nurses and students, as well as faculty and staff, to be able to visually and audibly interact with the clinic when they are at the one of the schools,” said Cummins.

“If Jill Endicott (family nurse practitioner in Seneca for Freeman) believes the student or staff member needs to be seen, then they will be transported by the school or parent to the clinic where they will receive priority access and be seen by the nurse,” said Cummins.

The reason for this program is to help students and teachers with missing school. By being able to partner up with the clinic in Seneca, students and teachers will not have to miss as much school because they can be treated immediately.

“The way the payment works is based on their insurance. It is something that will be between Freeman and the student and parents,” said Cummins.

The program will be introduced to parents this spring and will be set in full motion in August.

Other topics covered at the March 17 Seneca School Board meeting include:

• Summer school dates were set for May 31-June 24 (19 days). The morning sessions will be from 8-11:15 a.m. and the afternoon session will be from 11:45-3 p.m. for a total of 123.5 hours.

• The school district was asked about putting a stage on the school farm for the Fourth of July event. The district talked about the idea of putting something out there.

“We are looking into something around 30×16, maybe a platform type stage with a roof for the Fourth. We are trying to come up for something that will benefit everyone,” said Cummins.

• The district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan was approved.

There are five main focuses the district is working on and Cummins wrote about them in his column on page four of this issue of the News-Dispatch.

• The district hired Will King to be the new Seneca Intermediate principal and he will start with the new school year.

• The school district’s maintenance department sent in its monthly report of everything they did on the schools.

– Elementary: Changed out heat exchanger in RM 118 HVAC, serviced propane buffer, rebuilt and hung display case in main hall, changed out heat exchanger RM 119 HVAC, repaired lever lock on main custodial closet, cleaned and repaired gutters, and general maintenance day-to-day calls.

– Intermediate: Changed out water ball valve in ceiling girls restroom fourth and fifth grade hall, serviced propane buffer, changed out inducer fan motor rood top unit HVAC, cleaned and repaired gutters, and general maintenance day-to-day calls.

– Junior High: Changed out flush valve in girls restroom eighth grade hall, serviced propane buffer, changed out control board rooftop unit RM 25, changed out water regulator on steamer, changed out water regulator on heat booster dishwasher, installed new light in eighth grade hall, repaired urinal drain upstairs boys restroom, replaced solenoid in sink girls restroom, and general maintenance day-to-day calls.

– High School: Changed out heat element in water heater in band booster concession, serviced propane buffer, installed changing stations in commons area restrooms, built cabinet and countertop with new sink and faucet in field house restrooms, repaired lock and deadbolt wood shop classroom door, cleaned and repaired gutters, and general maintenance day-to-day calls.

– Central Office/Early Childhood/SLC: Changed out coil pack on 2007 F-250, changed out plug wires on 2007 F-250, spread two loads of rock in front of bus barn, installed water heater in bus barn restroom, built two more dividers for classroom area at the SLC, repaired drain on sink at the Early Childhood, and did repairs on Kubota lawn mower.


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