There is a poverty problem far greater than lack of food and resources in the world today.

We are experiencing a poverty of love and relationship.

People have such a hard time trusting and relying on others because we have become a untrustworthy and unreliable society.

There are so few people, it seems, that are willing to help another out and when we hear of the stories of great humanitarian efforts we think, “Yeah, but nothing like that happens around here.”

Rhonda Sexton

How did we get so gloomy and down about society? Have we given up or have we just gotten comfortable and forgot to appreciate the good things in life?

I think it starts in our own homes and grows from there. Have you ever been guilty of not appreciating the important people in your life? When you don’t appreciate others, your relationships suffer. Your loved ones feel unimportant and may withdraw from you.

Resentment and animosity may build up in the relationship, on both sides. Arguing and not wanting to spend time with the person starts to hammer on your nerves, making the relationship come to an end.

I’d bet we could all make a much greater effort to appreciate the people in our lives.

First, make a list of all the things you appreciate about someone. What traits and things do you truly value about them? Then make a conscious effort to share these findings with that person in one way or another.

By saying “thank you” for little things and acknowledging specific examples lets your loved one know you notice what they do and therefore, you notice them.

Everyone wants to be loved for exactly who and what they are, warts and all.

In a world where people are constantly getting torn down, just imagine how you could strengthen the people around you by being someone who builds them up.

(Rhonda is a staff writer for The News-Dispatch. She can be reached at or 451-3798.)


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