The Jane Store is a town jewel in Jane, Mo., with home-cooked meals, spices, and local art, all in one place.

Owners Sam and Gayla Baker have been running the general store for the past seven years.

“Up until two years ago it was me and two church ladies that ran the general store,” said Baker. “They were wanting to retire so my husband bought them out in 2015.”

The building that houses The Jane Store has been a general store since 1925. It was previously owned and operated by the Marrs Family, according to Baker. 

Before starting The Jane Store, Gayla worked for 13 years at the Walmart home office, and also has experience in children’s daycare. Sam was involved in commercial constriction until he came to work at The Jane Store.

When Sam and Gayla took sole ownership of the store, they added a grill to the mix.

“Sam had always wanted to do a cafe or a bed & breakfast so when the opportunity arose, we took it,” said Baker.

They sell sandwiches, pies, cookies, and have daily specials.

Baker gets to the store at five in the morning to start baking, and they are open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. The store is located at 2890 Rains Road in Jane.

“Our most-ordered thing is the Reuben and breakfast. We make it all from scratch and I think a lot of people like that,” said Baker. 

There are several people, according to the Bakers, that come into the store for breakfast and lunch every day.

“We have one guy that comes in from Nebraska once a year and buys our peanut butter cookies,” said Baker. “And if there aren’t any left, he will wait until I have made him more.”

They get customers from Bella Vista, Ark., Monett, Cassville, the Neosho area, and a few from Joplin.

“We get the majority of our people from a 50-mile radius,” said Baker.

Sam and Gayla love having people over at their home and that love carries over to The Jane Store, as well.

“We want everyone to be comfortable here. If you don’t have a friend when you come in, you will when you leave,” said Baker. 

“Since there is limited seating, several people sit with strangers and leave as friends.”

In addition to serving food, they also sell spices, homemade soap, jam, noodles, dishware, and art.

“We buy our spices and seasoning in bulk, repackage it and sell it here in our store,” said Baker.

They also sell popcorn, candies, noodles, soups, and powdered cappuccino.

“We also have locals that make their own honey, soap, and jam and sell them here,” said Baker.

Taylor Targets, a local business in Jane that sells targets, also has a display at The Jane Store.

“We sell a lot of cookbooks, we’ve noticed, so we make sure we always have them in stock,” said Baker. 

In addition to selling spices and food, The Jane Store also displays artwork from the White Rock School in Jane for grades preschool through eighth grade.

“We are basically the Jane equivalent of Crystal Bridges,” said Baker.

Baker knows the art teacher at the school and told her a few years back that the students could display their art here if they wanted.

“The kids love to bring their parents in to show the projects they have been working on and it just livens the place up. We love having it,” said Baker.

Sam’s sister is also an artist and she has artwork for sale in the store.

The best thing, according to Baker, about running The Jane Store is the people.

“I love meeting people and serving them and getting to know them, said Baker.

The hardest thing for them are the hours spent.

“We spend a lot of hours here and sometimes it feels like we live here,” said Baker.

Sam and Gayla both grew up in the Jane area and several people come into the store to get genealogy information.

“There is so much history here and I love to talk about that with people that come in asking,” said Baker.

To get ahold of The Jane Store, check out their Facebook page or give them a call at (417) 226-1234.


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  1. Having enjoyed several wonderful tasty dishes there, I can testify you will never leave hungry. Plus, you Will make life long friends at the “Jane Store” Larry and Dagmar Massaglia Salem, Or.

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