Roundabout to Help Improve Traffic Flow

Jasper County drivers will notice new signs directing them through the roundabout at Missouri Route 171 and Route 43 beginning the week of March 27, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) said.

Drivers will see larger signs on the sides of highways approaching the Stone’s Corner roundabout helping them know which lane they need to be in before reaching the roundabout.

New, simplified overhead truss signs with oversized lane symbols will direct drivers to the appropriate lane and guide them through the intersection.

A number of minor crashes occurring at the intersection prompted MoDOT to adjust the traffic pattern in February 2016 by making the right lane on southbound Route 43 a right-turn-only lane. That change resulted in slightly longer traffic delays for those drivers for a short time during morning drive time.

The new changes are being made as a result of input from the public and other stakeholders and are meant to address those delays.

The dual lane roundabout opened in the fall of 2014, replacing traffic signals in an effort to reduce congestion and improve safety at this busy intersection.


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