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Will a spider bite you? Probably not

Among the many creatures associated with summer is one many people don’t like to see, but it’s a good thing we have them – spiders. When most people think of spiders, they think of spider bites. Spider bites shouldn’t be downplayed because they do happen and when they come from brown recluses or black widows,… Read More »

The old school way of fishing is probably the best

Just looking through the myriad of catalogs that arrive in the mail every year from all of the fishing tackle companies makes you almost want to scrap all your gear and run to the stores and buy all new stuff (notice that I said almost). If you have spent a considerable number of years engrossed… Read More »

Black-ended catfish isn’t really black

On my way back from a Canadian fishing trip, I stopped in Iowa to call my cousin-in-law, Becky McNew, and asked her where I could find a good camera. The reason I need to update my camera gear is because I am going to become a fully engaged part-time river fishing guide and photographer. Taking… Read More »

Please slow down when you see a turtle on the road

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) encourages motorists to give turtles crossing roads a brake. Turtles are struck by cars throughout warmer months, but are at special risk this time of year because they are on the move. Young males mak up most of the travelers as they search for territories of their own and… Read More »

Turf pathologist gives two easy tips for lawn care

One of the most common problems homeowners have with their lawns is that they do not know what kind of grass is in it. “If it’s still light tan now, more than likely it’s zoysiagrass. If it’s green, it’s probably tall fescue with some Kentucky bluegrass,” said University of Missouri Extension turf pathologist Lee Miller.… Read More »

Changing animal populations cause concern

This is the week that environmental awareness takes center stage for many people. Saturday (April 22) is Earth Day – a date that is an annual reminder to people to give extra thought to the environment and ecosystems around them. For some, it means planting a tree. For others, it means planting native wildflowers, picking… Read More »

Use a mix of plants in your landscaping plan

Whether you have a small yard in the city or a large acreage in the country, native plants can give you options to grow on. Native plants are good choices for landscaping for a variety of reasons. For some people, choosing native species is about connecting with nature on a more personal level. Others opt… Read More »

Trapping is a great way to control wildlife population

Cletis Richards, of Carthage, is the District 5 director of the Missouri Trapper Association and serves 15 counties. “There are nine districts that make up the trapper association and I love working for them,” said Richards.  Richards has been trapping since 1969 and is retired from working in the plumbing business for 25 years. “The… Read More »

Althea Spring Photos

                These photos of Althea Spring were made by Joe Davis in May 2013. Althea Spring is just below Patrick Bridge that is located on the North Fork River. It is accessible by foot and parking is available at the access. Althea Spring is the 23rd largest spring in Missouri. It… Read More »

Missouri State Parks designates new wild area

The 1,168-acre Elk River Hills Wild Area in Big Sugar Creek State Park in McDonald County is the Missouri State Park system’s 12th wild area and the first wild area designated since 1995. “The Elk River Hills Wild Area possesses primeval character in its wilderness condition and inherent integrity,” said Sara Parker Pauley, director of… Read More »