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Remembering Missourians at Alamo

On March 6, 1836 – 181 years ago last Monday – about 187 men (or more, according to some researchers) perished inside the adobe walls of a crumbling mission-turned-fort known as the Alamo at what is today San Antonio, Texas. Under siege for 13 days, the defenders – who were Anglo settlers, fellow American allies,… Read More »

What do dandelions & the house mouse have in common?

Sometimes, introducing invasive plants and animals into a habitat is the equivalent of throwing a wrench into the cogs of a machine: In some cases, the machine continues to operate, but at a much-reduced efficiency. In other cases, the machine shuts down completely. Last week was National Invasive Species Awareness Week. The purpose of this… Read More »

Fly fishing… a time of rest & leisure

The water was being whipped to a frenzy of small whitewater caps, the first time I’d seen this languid pool in such a condition since that twister came down White Oak Hollow summer of sixty-three,” an old uncle explained. “That fellow believed he was having fun; all I could see was nine feet of custom… Read More »

Let’s break down the meaning of Lent

Whenever I attend a concert, a sporting event, a worship service, or go to hear a speaker, there is always an introduction, a “prelude” to the main event. The prelude prepares us for what is to come. So it is with Lent! For Christians, the main event has always been Easter! From the time of… Read More »

Flipped Learning: a new way of school

This week I am going to share some insight into one of the newer techniques in education, Flipped Learning. While this concept isn’t brand new, it’s still very fresh and is a concept that is becoming more widely used with phenomenal outcomes for students. Flipped learning is gaining momentum because of the idea that through… Read More »

What is holistic healing?

The ultimate goal of holistic healing is wholeness. In achieving wholeness, we have to consider all aspects of our lives, including: respecting our body, healing our relationships, caring for our environment, showing love for God and all humankind, and living our life purpose. Let’s start with the basics. Health is functioning at an optimal level… Read More »

Extracurricular activities

The state wrestling tournament is always a pleasure for me to attend. There are so many microcosms of life that occur during the three-day event. The ultimate experience is the unbridled joy demonstrated by those who have reached the pinnacle of their high school sport after working so hard. Extracurricular activities give students an opportunity… Read More »

The billboard verse

Chances are, you’ve noticed various billboards in our area that feature words from a verse in the Bible — that is, from 2 Chronicles 7:14. This verse says: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will… Read More »

One could fashion a life-philosophy based on popcorn

I love popcorn! Sitting by the fire with the family sharing popcorn from a big bowl. Sitting alone, watching TV, munching on carmel corn. Sharing a pan of buttered popcorn with good friends. No matter how you pop it, popcorn is sooooo good! Why, one could fashion a life-philosophy based on popcorn. SOMEONE HAS TO… Read More »

It’s time for us to take a temperature check

Cancer. The very word is the harbinger of death. The diagnosis the disruption of life and lives; the entry of anxiety and fear into our everyday routines. Not quite a decade ago I held my wife’s hand as she learned it was inside her body (I give thanks daily for her recovery and the fact… Read More »

February was a busy month at the state capitol

February has proven to be a very busy time at the state capitol, as Missouri’s new governor, Eric Greitens continues to organize his administration by making additional appointments to his cabinet. Recent appointments by Governor Greitens included new directors for both the Department of Insurance and the Department of Financial Institutions and Professional Registrations. The Department… Read More »

Take back the power that is rightfully yours

We are not powerless in this life. However, the world seems to convince us that we are powerless over our own emotions and our lives as a whole. We are waiting on God to do something, make a change, send a sign or change us so that we can take authority over this sinful world.… Read More »