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Will a spider bite you? Probably not

Among the many creatures associated with summer is one many people don’t like to see, but it’s a good thing we have them – spiders. When most people think of spiders, they think of spider bites. Spider bites shouldn’t be downplayed because they do happen and when they come from brown recluses or black widows,… Read More »

The old school way of fishing is probably the best

Just looking through the myriad of catalogs that arrive in the mail every year from all of the fishing tackle companies makes you almost want to scrap all your gear and run to the stores and buy all new stuff (notice that I said almost). If you have spent a considerable number of years engrossed… Read More »

Live your life with good friends

A dog. A horse. A gun. A gal. A dear friend of mine had for quite some time assured me it was a life well lived, if that during that time a gentleman had been privileged to have had an exemplary example of each. A dog. A horse. A gun. And, of course, a gal.… Read More »

Life is like a Bar-B-Q

Jesus taught us the great truths of God through parables. If He were teaching us today, He would use earth-life situations to teach us about Heaven-life reality. Jesus, today, might say: “Life is like a Bar-B-Q!” WE’RE INVITED! We come to a Bar-B-Q by an Invitation from the host and hostess. They choose whose names… Read More »

Parenting passages

Last week, the frequently funny Trey Morgan said: “This Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s still not fair that mothers and fathers only get one day a year… while sharks get a whole week.” Fathers (and mothers, of course) certainly deserve their special day — especially those who have taken it upon themselves to not… Read More »

The benefit of faith is grounded and informed relationships

Since I have lived in Neosho I’ve been working with the church I lead to help us develop an informed, grounded, tangible faith that does not misuse scripture by misreading, a faith that does not fear science or challenge, one that is not fragile or easily offended by differing ideas; one that facilitates transformation. Part… Read More »

Black-ended catfish isn’t really black

On my way back from a Canadian fishing trip, I stopped in Iowa to call my cousin-in-law, Becky McNew, and asked her where I could find a good camera. The reason I need to update my camera gear is because I am going to become a fully engaged part-time river fishing guide and photographer. Taking… Read More »

Leave veterans monuments alone 

As we recognize another Memorial Day and honor the American veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, I want to shed light on a group of deceased American veterans whose memory is under vicious attack. I am referring to the assault on the honorable service of the Confederate American veteran and the attempted… Read More »

Snakes play an important role in pest control

When I was a kid, I thought all snakes in this part of the country fell into four groups: If it was dark, it was a blacksnake. If it had stripes, it was a garter snake. If it was on a pond bank or in the water, it was a water moccasin. If it had… Read More »

Are there angels among us?

It was like one wave after another; only they were not undulations of water but human forms. Without the aesthetic consistency of the offerings of the ocean, for these visions of mercy came in a variety of shapes and colors; their arrival seemed just as relentless. For scarcely had I met and appreciated the kindness… Read More »