Well, it looks like we are finally out of the monsoon season, but I’m not sure the heat that has taken its place is a good thing.

It’s hard to believe that the 2015-16 school year will kick off in 29 days! It seems like the summers go by faster and faster, and are busier and busier.

The Building and Grounds Department is working feverishly to get all of the buildings ready while also trying to play catch-up on groundskeeping because of all the rain.

I would like to give Shawn Dilday and his Department a huge shout out of thanks for all they are doing to get the District ready for students.

There have also been several teacher groups in working on curriculum over the summer making sure they have in place what is needed to give Neosho students the best chance to succeed. As a District we are truly blessed to have such a great group of people working so hard for our students.

As I thought about what to share this week I decided to share a little more of the district’s vision for the future. As most know, as a fistrict, we are committed to making sure we provide our students with the tools they need to be successful.

A little over a year-and-half ago the District embarked on a 1:1 initiative at the high school, with the intention of expanding 1:1 district-wide within five years, which we are on track to do.

However, as we have worked in this direction, one of the main obstacles is that many of our students lack an Internet connection at home. If we are truly going to provide the best opportunity for our students, this is one obstacle we are going to have to work at removing.

In April of this past year a group from the District attended a National Future Ready Summit in St. Louis. This Summit brought school districts from across the country together to look at technology and how it is and can best be used to meet the needs of students.

National studies show that school-aged students without Internet access at home are not only unable to complete their homework, they are handicapped in their learning and preparation for their future.

Many of the Districts in attendance are using Internet on school buses to solve this problem. They are equipping some of their district buses with WIFI servers. The district then parks these buses at different locations throughout their district so students can access the Internet during the evening and non-school hours.

This is a service that a few districts in the area, including Neosho, are looking into. As a District, we are looking into the cost of providing WIFI per bus, along with equipping our trip buses with WIFI.

The District will then have to search for a provider to work with us and provide the service. While we are just in the initial stages of this type of initiative, it is definitely something that fits into our Vision.

As a District that is committed to inspiring high academic achievement and maximizing personal potential in all students, anything less would be unacceptable.

Have a GREAT week!

(Dan Decker is superintendent of the Neosho R-5 School District. He can be reached at 451-8600 or deckerdan@neoshor5.org.)


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