Allie Roye pic copy• Date and place of birth: April 11, 1988; McAlester, Okla.

• Currently residing in: Seneca.

• Occupation: Kindergarten teacher at Carver.

• Favorite movie: “Blindside.”

• Favorite vacation you’ve taken: Colorado.

• My hero is: My husband.


• The best advice I could give a 20-year-old is: Finish college and do what you love.

• My last meal would be: Chicken fried steak.

• My worst habit is: Pushing snooze 32 times each morning.

• My best asset is: Love making new friends.

• The guests at my fantasy dinner party: Chuck Norris.

• I would like to be remembered as: Someone who fully trusted and relied on God.

• If I had a different job I would be: Child social worker.

• My favorite time of day is: Bedtime.


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