It is not the change in climate that will destroy our nation, but the change in people!

In my last column I talked about the new requirement the MDC has handed down concerning the mandatory checking of all deer taken the opening weekend of the gun deer season in some of the states counties.

Hunters ARE NOT required to check their deer any other time, only on the opening weekend. As to what happens if you call in to check a deer on opening weekend, Nov. 11-12, and you do not take it to a local CWD checking station, I don’t know… you might receive a citation.  

Anyhow, this is mandatory in 25 counties, and at the end of this column, I will list them all.

I talked with wildlife regional supervisor Debra Burns, who grew up in a town in Massachusetts and now works out of a Kansas City office, and she assured me that when hunters bring bucks to the check stations, they will not have any deer heads confiscated or kept.

She cannot assure me, however, that if you have killed a very big buck, some agent might not look you up at a latter time and take your antlers or mounted deer head as a result of some violation they say you committed.

Some supporters of the Conservation Department doubt me when I say this is an ongoing effort by enforcement agents to gain through confiscation the larger deer antlers taken in the Ozarks.

But while you won’t be able to see this, you should realize that no does or small antlered bucks are ever confiscated. Doesn’t that say something about what is happening? Have small deer been confiscated… ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The white oak acorn crop in my backyard is not going to be anything like it was last year. And this week’s nature question for the master naturalists scattered around the Ozarks… Available acorns from white oaks and black oaks always depend on factors like late frosts in the previous spring. True or false?

Last year the acorns on my huge 300-year-old white oaks behind my office were as thick as tadpoles in a mudhole, but this year they are just average in number, maybe a little less than average.

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