Divorce petitions filed in Newton County through Jan. 25:

• Sharon Sue Orcutt and Robin Lee Orcutt, both of Seneca.

• Melinda Kay Paige and Keith A. Paige, both of Neosho.

• Beth Whittle and Ronald D. Whittle, both of Neosho.

Municipal court reports:

• Tabitha Renee Robbins, of Neosho, was charged for exceeding the posted speed limit (16-19 mph over). Traffic appearance set for Feb. 23.

• Curtis James Stout, of Neosho, was charged for speeding in a school zone (11-15 mph over). Traffic appearance set for Feb. 23.

• Ian Shawn Moore, of Diamond, was charged for failing to register vehicle. Traffic appearance set for Feb. 23.

• Bryon Alan Hansen, of Neosho, was charged for exceeding the posted speed limit (11-15 mph over). Traffic appearance set for Feb. 23.

Inspections by the Newton County Health Department:

• Angel’s Cafe, 1080 S. Neosho Blvd., in Neosho, was inspected on Jan. 25. The inspector observed: one employee drink with no lid in kitchen; open bucket of water on prep table, no bleach or sanitizer available in it; no date marking on prepared items in walk-in cooler, including cooked rice/diced onions-tomatoes-lettuce/cooked bacon/diced ham/bacon bits/ground beef; can opener was not cleaned and sanitized between uses; and she observed an employee preparing a sandwich using bare hand contact. The facility received a high risk rate.

• Braum’s, located at 520 S. Neosho Blvd., Neosho, was investigated due to a complaint the health department received. Upon investigation, no evidence of mentioned metal shavings could be found. Manager had some shavings and showed the investigator. They are small and seem flexible.

Equipment and utensils were examined for cracks/breaks and no evidence of weakness or damage was found. Sausage comes in pre-made patties, frozen. Eggs are currently being cracked onsite, cheese comes pre-made and packaged slices. Other topping items are cut onsite. Tortillas are also remade. It is unknown if the caller used salsa or other condiments. No corrective measures need to be taken at this time.


Phyllis Bradley Stroder-Bloxson of Tuson, Ariz., passed away on Nov. 22, 2015. She was born July 23, 1934, in Colorado to Dr. Arlie and Fannie Bradley.


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